We do Design your manufacturing units with WEB-based control systems.

We can serv you with 100 years of manufacturing subcontractor experiance neary from all industrial sectors from the very industrial center of North Europe/Sweden.

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IpIOraditex - WEBbased m2m control and monitoring

in ---> TCP/IP LAN 
out <--- 4 digital ports + 4 analog ports with 10 volt each

IpIOraditex uses M2M technology for broadband/wireless monitoring and control for tailored solutions .

   Example Applications

   Companies that use the m2m solutions

  • Building facilities automation in Stockholm
  • Lights monitoring for expos, operas, meeting arenas
  • Point Traction Systems
  • Container localisitaion and temperature control
  • Automatic oil refill.
  • Remote-controlled parking meters 
  • Automobile larms, position detection
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Securitas Direct
  • Enermet
  • Sydkraft
  • Göteborg Energi
  • Vattenfall
  • Nordbanken
  • Föreningssparbanken
  • The Swedish Central Bank

Program library and cgi-scripts for control and and monitoring from Linux, FreeBSD, SUN/Solaris, HP-UX, PCC, DUC and Windows

IpIOraditex does not have its own WEBserver. Command line control over TCP/IP addressed device.


#! /bin/tcsh -f

echo "======>>> test setting IP with arp"
/usr/sbin/arp -S 00:00:00:10:30:50 pub

echo "======>>> test ping"
/sbin/ping -c 3 -s 12

echo "======>>> test arp request"
/usr/sbin/arp -a -d

echo "======>>> test ping"
/sbin/ping -c 3 -s 12

# set/read DAC:s
echo "======>>> testing set/read DAC:s"
ipdacmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -a 1 -w 128
ipdacmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -a 1 -r

# test relays
echo "======>>> test relays"
iprelcmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -w 0x0f
iprelcmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -r

# test digital I/O
echo "======>>> test digital I/O"
ipdiocmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -w 0x0f
ipdiocmd -h iomodul1.raditex.se -p 8 -r

-  Pin layout  -

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